The Olivers

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These are the musings and ramblings of a husband and father of two.

Do you like stuff? We do too!

What are we doing anyways? Good question. We are an upper-middle class American family who have shifted their focus in recent years from accumulating money/things/status to broadening and deepening our experiences and our perspectives, globally. We believe we have a window of opportunity to experience some amazing things through travel, nature, and cultural exposure, and we are going to take it. We don’t do anything halfway. We dive in. We want to teach that to our kids, and push the envelope, as much as we can, while keeping in mind safety, sustainability, and economy. Our experience unfolding day by day. For now we live in our home, and plan. May 28, we begin our travels!

Here you will find our ramblings on many things:

Travel of all kinds – mostly nature and hiking for now
Food, Beer, Wine
Science and General Geekery