Tuesday in DC


Gena: When both kids saw Degas’s ballerinas for the first time.

Julien: We saw the original Wright brothers plane.

Vivienne: Seeing all of that art – beautiful big paintings!

Josh: Choco Taco break in the art museum!


Gena: Some Iraqis soldiers surrendered to unmanned aircraft.

Julien: That I am good at scratching the record. The Air and Space Museum gets the best plane specimens because they do the best job handling them.

Vivienne: The First Ladies wore very pretty dresses.

Josh: In the hands-on airplane mechanism demo, they showed an old-style mechanical system (pullies and wires, big and clunky!) compared to the new electric actuator system (simpler and so precise!) but the rear flaps didn’t work in the electric example. Anyhow – I learned that it scared me quite a bit!

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